SWISS Gate Ltd. is a neutral, professional Swiss company, which is committed to a sustainable economy free of bribery, conflicts, discrimination and inequality and uses its resources for the benefit of society. SWISS Gate AG aligns its corporate objectives with the principle of the triple bottom line, divides its objectives accordingly into the areas of ecology, economy and society and ensures continuous harmony among the individual corporate objectives.

ESG - Environmental Social Governance
The resources of this world are limited. A "Planet B" does not exist. Whenever possible, SWISS Gate AG works with companies that operate sustainably and according to the same values as SWISS Gate AG. The company is involved in various projects to protect the environment, for example in the areas of nature conservation, CO2 neutrality, food waste and sustainable fuels.
SWISS Gate AG takes social aspects into account in all its activities. This applies both to its own employees and to all other dialogue groups. The company is committed to a just world, both in the private and professional spheres, free of bribery, conflict, discrimination and inequality. To this end, it supports various projects and organizations in the social sphere.
The company is also committed to sustainable action in the economic field. SWISS Gate AG's field of activity ranges from high standards for its business partners to active memberships in various business associations and a commitment to the development of the international market. The company uses its own resources as efficiently as possible and strives to advance as a pioneer in the industry and to generate added value along the entire value chain.
What we are particularly committed to

Sustainability is a topic that we define very broadly. Basically, for us it includes everything that makes our future more livable. That’s why we get involved in a variety of ways. For example, every month we donate one percent of our sales to the Hakuna Mipaka organization run by Swiss national Dean Schneider in South Africa. Dean Schneider initiates, supports and operates worldwide projects for the protection of wild animals and is committed to the respectful coexistence of humans, animals and nature. Our COO Michael Hoffmann spent several weeks working at Hakuna Mipaka and was able to see for himself the high value of the projects. Another percent of our sales goes to Regenbogenhaus in Zurich, a national center that is important for the LGBTQ+ community. The initiative offers LGBTQ+ people a space where they are welcome and accepted, and promotes exchange between the community and the public.

In addition, we donate another percent of our sales each month to the organization SOS Children’s Villages, which works for the protection & well-being of children & families & supports them in creating a stable livelihood. In addition, we are a member of the “She is Mom” club. This platform was developed by women for women and aims to support mothers in a variety of ways on their great career paths.

How we work for a sustainable future

Everything that keeps the mind and body fit is also on our agenda. We promote intellectual activities and are happy to sponsor the prizes on the puzzle pages of Schweizer Familie, Basler Zeitung, Tagesanzeiger, Schweizer Illustrierte, Glückspost and Sonntagszeitung. We also support the health of the Swiss population as a sponsor of FC Lugano and the cross-country skiing event La Diagonela.

We are also committed to sustainable aviation and therefore support the Diamondo Earthrounding aviation project as a Silver Sponsor. Diamondo Earthrounding consists of nine young aviation enthusiasts and connects and supports various initiatives that want to steer aviation into a more sustainable future. The project focuses on already applicable, sustainable aviation technologies and demonstrates their potential by means of a flight around the world. So-called Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is used, which significantly reduces Co2 emissions. Diamondo Earthrounding wants to set a clear example and make an active contribution on the way to net-zero carbon emissions in aviation.

Last but not least – and actually also completely logical – we are consistently committed to the further development of the cannabis market in Switzerland. We continuously exchange information with the authorities, work together with universities of applied sciences on research projects, and are active in various industry associations.



Akademischer Werdegang

Akademischer Werdegang


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