Strategy & Values

Eine männliche Hand hält ihren Finger auf eine virtuelle Grafik.


SWISS Gate AG achieves its strategic corporate goals, improves its market position and increases its corporate value by

  • uses its resources (employees, infrastructure, finances) sustainably and efficiently and makes optimum use of its scope for action,
  • offers its customers a spectacular shopping experience with informative and user-friendly webshops and focuses on the personalization of online shops,
  • has established its own brands as high-quality brands in the Swiss market, is constantly developing them further and thus generates income that allows the company to continue to develop at a high level of quality,
  • uses its competence and experience in internal projects in such a way that new sources of income are opened in the medium and long term.


Achievement of the strategic objectives is monitored by defining key figures to measure success and monitoring these at regular intervals. Predefined measures are taken in the event of deviations.


Principles of conduct

The behavior of SWISS Gate AG is efficient and goal oriented. Its appearance is characterized by reliability, transparency, respect and discipline.

Management principles

The employees of SWISS Gate AG know their duties and responsibilities, act as role models, are loyal and place their trust.

Vision & Mission


``Thanks to highest quality standards, expertise and transparency all Swiss people can consume hemp product comfortably, carefree and 100% legal.``


``As the leading Swiss online provider, we also strengthen the acceptance of cannabis as a recognized cure and develop its health-promoting potential for the benefit of society.``

Mission Statement

Purpose of the company

We specialise in the production and distribution of products with (hemp) plant ingredients. We pay attention to the compliance with high quality standards and legal guidelines.

Conduct towards customers

The well-being of our customers is our top priority. We meet individual needs in an efficient, polite and helpful manner.


Our employees are our most important asset. We maintain an open and friendly working atmosphere. We promote the individual development of our employees.

Conduct towards society

We convince through transparency and professionalism. We provide information actively and in a manner appropriate to each level. We are committed to opening up new markets, taking into account the needs of the Swiss people.


We represent our interests vis-à-vis our partners in a transparent, convincing and targeted manner so that we receive the best services. We cultivate our relationships in a sustainable manner and always act in a courteous manner.

Conduct and leadership

The endeavour for continuous improvement and optimisation characterises our thinking and acting. We use our resources sustainably and efficiently. We present a uniform, self-confident and population-oriented image.