Since summer 2022, SWISS Gate Ltd. has been working closely with Celise Bioproducts in the fight against plastic. As a sign of this, SWISS Gate Ltd. has taken over the distribution of the unique biodegradable pre-rolled tubes from Celise Bioproducts on the European market and acts as exclusive distributor. The material used for the production of the products is a biodegradable plastic, which is TÜV and BPI certified.

Biodegradable Pre-Rolled Tube

Innovative & exclusive accessories

The practical, biodegradable Pre-Rolled Tubes are available in both “Old Donald’s” branding and white label. They fit in every pocket, offer space for two filled Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones and look very classy in their design. The tubes are made of biodegradable plastic and have a child-proof closure.

The robust biodegradable Pre-Rolled Tubes reliably protect the contents from dirt, UV radiation and damage such as kinks and tears, help to transport them dry as well as clean and preserve freshness and aroma. The child-resistant closure is very easy to use for adults and seniors: Gently squeeze the tube at the top near the lid, and the lid will open on its own.

The plastic from which these tubes are made was specially developed for reusable composting systems. It is made of TÜV and BPI certified compostable polymers that ensure optimal degradation in domestic, municipal and commercial composting systems.

This means the tubes can be easily disposed of in household compost when they have reached the end of their useful life. After about 180 days, they will have degraded. Before that, all that needs to be done is to remove the label and dispose of them in household waste.

For more information on the biodegradable Pre-Rolled Tube, click here.

Sustainable aspects
The biodegradable Pre-Rolled Tube is a pioneer product in the fight against plastic and is an optimal substitute due to the following multiple properties:
- Made of biodegradable material
- Compostable within 180 days in the home compost
- Three times less CO2 emissions during production than plastic
- Requires 50% less energy to produce than plastic
- TÜV & BPI certified
- Free from petroleum
Diverse application
The biodegradable Pre-Rolled Tube can be used in various areas and is correspondingly diverse in its application:
- Storage of hemp & tobacco substitute products.
- Storage & transport of seeds
- Various items of daily use such as jewelry
In addition to sustainability, the biodegradable Pre-Rolled Tube convinces with further features:
- Includes a child-proof lid for safe storage
- Squeeze-to-open concept
- Air- & water-tight closure for perfect protection
Development of new products

The material used for the production of the biodegradable pre-rolled tubes is called HCM01. It is compostable within 180 days and can also be used for the development of new products. For example, the material can be used as an alternative to plastic, glass, etc. for packaging or containers. SWISS Gate Ltd. will be happy to develop your own desired product from the material HCM01 together with you on request.

What we offer our customers
Highest Swiss Quality & Reliability
We offer you full compliance, highest Swiss quality, constant reliability, profound expertise as well as maximum transparency.
Free Samples
Before you place an order, we will provide you with a free sample of the Biodegradable Pre-Rolled Tube for reference, so that you can extensively test the material used.
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
The biodegradable Pre-Rolled Tubes can be ordered without a minimum order quantity. This allows you to test the market first and get to know your customers better. For new product developments, the minimum order quantity depends on various factors and must be clarified in each case on a project-specific basis.
Personal Assistance
With us, you get a personal contact person who guides & supports you throughout the entire process.



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