In order to fulfill the company's purposes as well as to achieve its corporate goals, SWISS Gate Ltd. has created and registered the following trademarks:, Herbalea & Old Donald's. SWISS Gate Ltd. positions its own brands as high quality brands in the national and international market, develops them continuously and thereby generates income which allows the company to develop further on a high quality level.


SWISS Gate Ltd. has structured its operational activities vertically. The corporate brand SWISS Gate acts vis-à-vis stakeholders such as authorities, partners, media, etc. The company owns the following three brands: - All the best from Cannabis is the e-commerce brand of SWISS Gate Ltd for consumers. The offer ranges from CBD cosmetics to organic hemp food and lifestyle products made from hemp. Only products of the two company owned brands Herbalea & Old Donald's are sold via
Herbalea - Clean. Care. Cannabis.
Herbalea offers CBD cosmetics and organic hemp foods for humans and animals. The range of products goes from CBD Cosmetic for hair like CBD Shampoo, CBD Conditioner and CBD Creams for face & body over to organic hemp food like organic hemp seed, organic hemp pasta, organic hemp tea, organic hemp protein & much more.
Old Donald's - Where Passion is Life
Old Donald’s focusses on hemp based lifestyle products like CBD hemp buds, hemp crunch & hemp stems from Swiss indoor production. It also offers organic hemp paper for organic hemp filter, organic hemp papers and pre-rolled organic hemp cones as well as sustainable accessories for the use of hemp products.
Product Catalog

You can download the product catalog of the company’s own brands Herbalea & Old Donald’s below:

Product Catalog – 2022

Sales Structure

Distribution via B2C & B2B channels

In distribution, SWISS Gate Ltd. differentiates between the national and international distribution of its product brands and uses various distribution channels such as its own online store and the showroom at the company headquarters or external e-commerce platforms, health food stores, wellness stores, cannabis stores and works together with distributors.

In addition, SWISS Gate Ltd. acts as exclusive partner for the distribution of highly innovative brands such as the US company Celise Bioproducts, which specializes in the development of biodegradable products in various application areas.

Value Chain

As far as possible, SWISS Gate Ltd. works with certified organic partners and sustainable operating sites. These stand for the highest quality standards and expertise in their field of business. Before SWISS Gate Ltd. starts an official cooperation with a partner, the partner undergoes a detailed individual evaluation process. Depending on the brand and market segment, the partners come from different geographical regions.

In an effort to produce as sustainably and regionally as possible, the value chains of Herbalea CBD Cosmetics and Old Donald’s lifestyle products are already located entirely in Switzerland.
Herbalea Organic Hemp Foods are produced in cooperation with certified organic partners from the DACH region. In the area of Old Donald’s accessories, SWISS Gate Ltd. cooperates with selected and innovative partners from the USA as well as the Asian region.

With a few exceptions, all products are distributed nationally and internationally in various target markets.



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