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Together with partners, SWISS Gate Ltd. offers a wide range of private label formulations in the areas of CBD cosmetics, nutritional supplements and vaporizing. These basic formulations can be adapted and further developed to your individual needs. The minimum order quantity per product development is 5000 pcs, although smaller quantities are possible for individual products. On average, the development of a product takes between three to nine months, depending on the complexity of the project.

What is Private Label?

The term “Private Label” refers to products that are manufactured exclusively for a company/retailer and marketed/distributed with its brand name and design. As a rule, existing basic formulations are used as the basis for product developments and adapted and further developed to meet the needs of the respective company/retailer.

Develop your own products

Choose from over 50 different base formulations

You want to create your own products from scratch, but you do not have the necessary infrastructure for the development as well as the production of the desired products? Then we have the perfect offer for you!

Together with our production partners we have the possibility to offer you more than 50 different product formulations in private label and to combine them with your individual wishes. With our range of high-quality and diverse basic formulations, we enable you to enter the market quickly, take care of the administrative order processing for you and free up your resources so that you can focus on marketing your products. All products are manufactured in production facilities in Switzerland and meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

All products are based on proven formulations and each has a diverse portfolio of benefits, always based on natural, vegan ingredients. We always look for synergies between individual active ingredients and mix a wide variety of natural ingredients together for this purpose. With our diverse product range, we cover a wide variety of application areas, making us a competent partner for individual solutions in a wide range of fields.

Personal consulting & full support

Whether you want to develop cosmetics, e-liquids, terpenes, beverages, food supplements or animal feed – our range of products provides a solid basis for building a successful private label. If no basic formulations are available, we start a manageable, cost-efficient and focused feasibility study and help your idea to become reality. You will of course receive free sample packages for testing. If necessary, the formulations can then be further adapted.

Orders in the private label sector can be placed for a minimum order quantity of 5000 pieces per formulation. Smaller order quantities are also possible for some of the products. The production time for a new product is on average three to nine months. As a customer, you will have a personal contact person who will accompany you throughout the entire process.

If you need help with the design of packaging and labels or with the creation of suitable texts & marketing content, we will also be happy to support you. We also handle all work related to regulatory matters and, where necessary, support you in registering products in the relevant directories.

Product Catalog

You can download the complete private label product catalog of SWISS Gate Ltd. here:

Product Catalog Private Label – 2022

Basic formulations - CBD Cosmetics

In the field of CBD cosmetics, all basic formulations are based on hemp based ingredients. One of the best known ingredients of the hemp plant is cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is being investigated in research for various possible benefits. In the area of external skin & hair care, CBD promotes natural regeneration of the skin and helps the body restore the natural skin barrier. CBD also helps with inflammation, itching, rashes, etc. In addition, CBD stimulates hair growth for full, healthy hair.

In addition to CBD, there are also various other hemp plant ingredients, which in the body, hair and skin care manifold benefits and can find application. This also applies to hemp oil, which is extracted from the hemp seed by cold pressing and is particularly nourishing and moisturizing when applied to the skin, while its fatty acid profile helps the hair to become shinier and more resistant, as well as protecting it from heat and brittleness and promoting hair growth.


The private label product range of SWISS Gate Ltd. in the field of cosmetics is divided accordingly into the areas of body care, hair care and skin care:

  • Body care products like deodorant
  • Hair care products like Shampoo, Conditioner & Shower Gel
  • Skin care products like creams for body, face and hands


You can download the complete private label product catalog of SWISS Gate Ltd. here:

Product Catalog Private Label – 2022

Effects of CBD & hemp oil on the skin

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Restoration of the natural skin barrier
  • Regeneration of the skin & stimulation of blood circulation
  • Cleansing, anti-inflammatory & soothing
  • Caring, nourishing & moisturizing

Effects of CBD & hemp oil on hair

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Promotes healthy & even hair growth
  • Against dry & brittle hair
  • Protects hair with a natural protective layer against external influences
  • Provides more shine and resistance

Basic formulations - Food Supplements

Food supplements are food products intended for the supplementary supply of the human metabolism with certain nutrients such as proteins, vitamins or minerals. They are used when there is a nutrient deficiency and our body is temporarily or permanently unable to produce enough of the nutrients concerned itself, which can limit physical functions.

Accordingly, food supplements contain nutrients that are also found in normal foods, but in concentrated form and in usually greatly increased dosages. They are taken in various forms, either as tablets, capsules, powders, effervescent tabs or liquids. It is recommended to use a combination of nutrients in a dietary supplement in order to broaden the portfolio of benefits.


In the field of food supplements, the private label product range of SWISS Gate Ltd. focuses on the following benefits:

Energy boosting & Strengthening

Immunity & Health Promotion

Prevention & Relaxation

You can download the complete private label product catalog of SWISS Gate Ltd. here:

Product Catalog Private Label – 2022

Basic formulations - Vaporizing

E-liquids and terpenes for vaporization, especially those made from or based on hemp based ingredients, have been experiencing a strong increase in demand for last several years and are considered to be healthier alternatives to classic smoking.

Vaporizing involves heating a substance without burning it, which causes the active ingredients to dissolve and be absorbed through mucous membranes and lungs. The vapor produced by vaporization is less hot and irritating than smoke, and the bioavailability is also higher than in most other forms of use due to the increased absorption of the active ingredients through mucous membranes.

In terms of basic formulations for the production of vaporizing agents, the private label product range of SWISS Gate Ltd. covers the following areas:

Hemp E-Liquids from Leaves & Stems

Hemp E-Liquids from Buds

Various cannabis terpenes

You can download the complete private label product catalog of SWISS Gate Ltd. here:

Product Catalog Private Label – 2022

What we offer our customers
Highest Swiss Quality & Reliability
We offer you full compliance, highest Swiss quality, constant reliability, profound expertise as well as maximum transparency.
Free Samples
Before, during and after the development and manufacturing process, you will receive free sample packages from us so that you can extensively test the products in the individual production stages.
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
All products can be ordered from a minimum order quantity of 5000 pcs. Lower order quantities are also possible for some products.
Personal Assistance
With us, you get a personal contact person who guides & supports you throughout the entire process.
Regulatory Support
We take care of all work related to regulatory matters and support you in the registration of products in the respective directories.
Design & Text Support
We are also happy to support you in the design of packaging & labels as well as in the creation of texts as well as marketing content.



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