SWISS Gate AG plays a pioneering role on the international cannabis market and goes where its competitors dare not go. It draws public attention to cannabis and explains the health-promoting potential of hemp-based ingredients. The internal know-how is supplemented with scientifically based data obtained in cooperation with Swiss universities.


Our Vision: “Thanks to the highest quality standards, expertise and transparency, all humans can purchase or use products with hemp based ingredients conveniently, worry-free and 100% legally.”

To fulfill the above mentioned vision, we are committed to acting as a pioneer and are dedicated to the growth of the industry. Together with a diverse network of partners from various fields, we not only continue to develop our company, but are also committed to the development of the entire market and bring hemp products into people’s everyday lives.

In doing so, we advocate education and advise all stakeholders on a wide range of hemp-related concerns in order to counteract existing uncertainties and prejudices, as their cause is often based on a lack of knowledge. Therefore, we continuously develop our unique and innovative product & service portfolio in line with sustainability and pay attention to social needs and values.


Our mission: “As one of the leading Swiss distributors of products with hemp-derived ingredients, we strengthen the acceptance of cannabis as a recognized stimulant, healing & medicinal product and unleash its health-promoting potential for the benefit of society.”

According to its mission, SWISS Gate Ltd. is committed to a clear segmentation of the international cannabis market. Hemp based ingredients can be used in a variety of ways, be it as recreational products, medicines and health products, but also as textiles, construction and industrial materials as well as packaging materials and plastic replacement. To clearly separate these market segments, well-defined regulatory guidelines are needed.

For this purpose, it is essential that SWISS Gate Ltd. actively enters into an exchange with all relevant dialogue groups, involves them in their activities and creates uniformity and a clear market structure within the industry, as well as developing corresponding data-based, publicly accessible fundamentals. Special focus must be placed on the topics of health promotion, protection of minors, sustainability, compliance and prevention.


SWISS Gate Ltd. is for all humans one of the most professional, innovative as well as trustworthy contact persons for concerns around the development and distribution of products with hemp plant ingredients. It puts transparency, education, consultation and sustainability in first place. SWISS Gate Ltd. is committed to the development of the health-promoting potential as well as the manifold benefits of the hemp plant for the benefit of society and to the development of clear legal framework conditions in the national and international cannabis market.

The internal know-how is supplemented with scientifically sound data obtained in cooperation with a diverse partner network. In addition, SWISS Gate Ltd. is involved in various topics that move society such as child and nature protection as well as food wasting and the LGTBQ+ community.

Mission Statement

The mission statement clarifies the meaning and purpose of the company and provides the framework for daily activities. It serves as a starting point and target definition for desired changes and, as a “corporate philosophy”, offers orientation and security of action. For SWISS Gate Ltd., it is of central importance to deal with the company’s purpose again and again and to formulate it – only in this way can a mission statement be lived by everyone.

In this context, SWISS Gate Ltd. focuses primarily on topics such as sustainability, equal opportunities and diversity, but also transparency, education and consultation. SWISS Gate Ltd. is committed to the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG) in order to responsibly combine social, technological, ecological and economic challenges. In this way the company goes ahead not only as a pioneer in the international market, but also as a role model for the entire industry.

Company purpose

We specialize in the development and distribution of products with hemp based ingredients. We pay attention to the compliance with the high quality standards as well as the legal guidelines.

Behavior towards customers

The well-being of our customers is our top priority. We meet individual needs in an efficient, courteous and helpful manner in line with our corporate philosophy.


Our employees are our most important asset. We maintain an open and friendly working atmosphere. We promote the individual development of our employees.

Social behavior

We convince through transparency, sustainability and professionalism. We inform actively as well as in a timely and level-appropriate manner. We are committed to opening up new markets, taking into account the needs of the Swiss people.

Relations with dialog groups

We represent our interests to our dialog groups in a transparent, convincing and targeted manner so that we receive the best services in return. We maintain our relationships sustainably and always act courteously.

Behavior & Leadership

The pursuit of continuous improvement and optimization characterizes our thinking and actions. We use our resources sustainably and efficiently. We present a unified, self-confident image that is close to the people.


Principles of behavior

  • Our behavior is efficient and goal-oriented. Our conduct is characterized by reliability, transparency, respect and discipline.
  • We always behave professionally, comply with the law and always act to the best of our knowledge and belief.
  • We stand for honesty & trustworthiness, communicate clearly as well as fact-based and stand up for our rights and duties.
  • We provide factual and well-founded, transparent as well as timely information and ensure individual communication with the individual stakeholders. Communication is generally in writing and direct.


Leadership Principles

  • All our employees know their duties and responsibilities, lead by example, are loyal and trustworthy.
  • We define clear goals, encourage individual development and offer the same benefits to all employees.


Positioning principles

  • We take a pioneering role & are committed to the development of clear legal frameworks.
  • We assume social responsibility and are committed to the sustainable development of society.
  • With our informative as well as user-friendly cross-channel appearances as well as the personalization options in the foreground, we offer our dialog groups a cross-channel spectacular experience.


Operating principles

  • We keep our finger on the pulse and use the latest technical means wherever possible in order to keep operating costs as cost-effective as possible.
  • Our operations are characterized by usability & personalization and are focused on the expectations of each stakeholder.
  • We are a modern, contemporary company that constantly aligns its thoughts and actions with the values and needs of society and promotes their further development.
Strategic Principles

SWISS Gate Ltd. achieves its strategic corporate goals, improves its market position and increases its corporate value by

  • using its resources (employees, infrastructure, finances) in a sustainable and efficient manner and making optimal use of its room for maneuver,
  • offering its customers an informative, user-friendly and spectacular shopping experience and focusing on the personalization of the services and products offered,
  • establishes its own brands as high-quality brands in the national and international market, constantly developing them and thereby generating income that allows the company to continue to develop at a high level of quality,
  • applies its competence and experience to internal projects in such a way that this generates new sources of income in the medium and long term.
Strategic Business Areas

SWISS Gate Ltd. is following a sustainable, diversifying strategy and focuses on the following six strategic business areas.

SWISS Gate Ltd. is committed to the development of scientifically sound data for the future regulation of products containing hemp plant ingredients. For this purpose, it cooperates with various partners in the field of research.

Based on the data obtained, SWISS Gate Ltd. continuously develops its product range and business modell together with experts. The focus is on consumer goods in the areas of cosmetics, nutrition and lifestyle.

Hemp is still strongly stigmatized as before. This is due to prejudices and uncertainties, which are based on a lack of knowledge. For this reason, SWISS Gate Ltd. educates in various areas with a diversified range of services.

The topics of compliance, prevention and health promotion are top priorities for SWISS Gate Ltd. However, there are still many open questions throughout all dialog groups. Therefore, SWISS Gate Ltd. offers personalized consulting services to improve their understanding for the market and the products offered.

SWISS Gate Ltd. reaches its end customers directly via the company’s own e-commerce platform as well as the store at its headquarters. In addition, the products are sold via events, trade fairs and partnerships in the area of sponsoring.

The products of SWISS Gate Ltd. are also distributed via various B2B partners in natural & health-related industries. All products are offered under the brands Herbalea and Old Donalds as well as white label products. SWISS Gate Ltd. also offers private label formulations for individual product creations.



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